About Us

Founded in 2012, Melanion Capital is an alternative investment specialist, with an asset management license from the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF).

Melanion Capital manages strategies with a strong quantitative and derivatives expertise. Initially specialized in Dividend Futures, MelCap rapidly developed into other derivative expertise like volatility trading, systematic trading or dispersion.

Our investment approach combines rigorous mathematic research with an uncompromising focus on risk management in order to express directional and relative value views with asymmetrical risk/reward characteristics.

We believe that effective risk management is fundamental to delivering investment returns and view risk as the potential loss of capital, rather than simply the volatility of returns.

A remarkable history


First alternative manager to specialize in Dividend Futures


Recognized as an innovative startup (JEI) by French Ministry of Research


Lyxor partnership for seeding and distribution


Won two prestigious awards: Emerging Manager of the Year and Most Innovative Hedge Fund


Advenis partnership for seeding and distribution in UCITS format


Seeding and Launch of the Melanion Volatility Fund


Launch of a Seeding Program for portfolio Managers


Launch of the Melanion Systematic Macro Fund


Launch of the Digital Asset Business


Launch of the Melanion BTC Equities Universe UCITS ETF


Launch of Melanion Digital, a SPAC focused on green and clean Bitcoin

Social commitment: Melanion Foundation

We believe that we have a responsibility to address pressing social problems. This charitable contribution allows us to catalyze new and innovative ideas, outside of our core business, to support social and economic progress for more and more people around the world.

Melanion Foundation is a non-profit, sheltered by the Fondation de France and created to provide scholarships for talent from modest backgrounds.

After the Beirut explosion, Melanion Foundation joined the « Solidarité Liban » campaign to collect funds to support Lebanese relief and reconstruction efforts. For every $ donated to Melanion Foundation, the Melanion founders matched the sum and sent it to Fondation de France.

Make a donation: Donations Link 
For queries: foundation@melanion.com

Our Values

Melanion Capital’s team members have a set of principles by which they abide at all time and that were developed throughout their professional experience. These values are part of the strength of Melanion Capital and are shared by all its team members.

Always have an edge
We strongly believe that investment performance is only driven by having an edge to the market. Being the best at what we do is a constant objective we feel necessary to stay ahead of competition.

Think outside the box
We try our best to do things differently from others because we think there’s always a better way of doing things than the traditional way, we just need to find it.

Be dedicated
The world is evolving at a rapid pace and generalists are loosing terrain against specialists every day. Being experts in our field allows us to capture the best risk reward investment opportunities.

Know your risks
Our risk management takes into account an extensive set of parameters that allows us to know and master our risks at all time.

Think bigger
Our goal is to become a leading investment manager and every step we take on this road is done in an institutionalized way of making business.

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